Rules & Policies

Hand Workshop Art Center
1812 West Main Street
Richmond, VA 23220

Student Rules and Policies

These student guidelines are provided to ensure the safety, comfort and convenience of students attending classes at the Hand Workshop Art Center. They also are printed in our registration materials, posted in the studios, and read by the instructors during the first night of every class.

1. Students are to enter and exit the building by the Front Lobby Doors ONLY unless directed by the Security Guard or an instructor to use a different exit.

2. For security reasons, students must sign in and sign out at the Front Desk. All students must have a current emergency card on file at the Front Desk.

3. Only currently registered students may use the Hand Workshop studios and equipment, and only during the period (duration of class) for which the student is registered. Students are not allowed in the studios between classes and are required to remove any personnel property from HWAC at the end of each class. Materials left behind will be discarded.

4. Registered students may make use of open studio time (as posted in each studio) for practice as long as no class is in session. Students are not permitted in studios other than that of their listed class.

5. Studios are for practicing techniques taught in the classes. Students are not allowed to use the studio or equipment for production or any other purpose.

6. Smoking is not permitted in the building.

7. Clean up is everyone’s responsibility. Always clean up your work area before leaving: This includes the floor, tables, tools, and equipment. Throw away your trash. Turn off equipment and return tools to their storage location.

8. Class cancellations are announced on WRVA-AM 1140. Morning class closing announcements will be made by 9 a.m., evening classes by 3:30 p.m.

9. Please familiarize yourself with emergency exits. In the case of an emergency, leave all personal belongings and follow your instructor to the exit. Remain outside the building until cleared to return.

10. Students are not allowed on the second floor, in staff offices, or other restricted areas of the building unless accompanied by an instructor, studio tenant, or staff member.

11. Phones are located in the West Lobby or Clay Studio. The Front Desk staff does not take messages for students, or relay incoming calls.

12. Students are not allowed to receive mail or other packages at the HWAC address.

13. Students must respect HWAC property, including furnishings, equipment, and supplies.

14. Students are required to follow directions of the instructors and staff, and to show common courtesy in their interactions with instructors, staff or other students.

15. The Hand Workshop reserves the right to dismiss any student, without refund, for behavior that in the opinion of instructors or staff is disruptive to the learning environment.

The Hand Workshop Art Center reserves the right to modify or supplement these rules and policies without notice. It is each student’s responsibility to periodically review the posted rules and policies for any modifications or supplements.